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Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Ezigrade 2.0.25

(1) Have added in a routine to automatically triangulate and contour natural and design surfaces.
(2) Have added in routine to import optisurface agd file plus user has option to automatically create all surfaces.
(3) Have added in 3D transformation routines to convert from one coordinate system to another. Does a translate, 2D scale and rotation around 3 axis
(4) Whne creating a agguide .ezigrade file the points list now includes a point code.

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

CDS 2.5.21

Number of updates.
(1) Can display multiple modeless dialog box's at the same time. For example display join, radiate and calculate chainage and offset dialog at the same time. Display radiate dialog twice and use them in tandem. If you have a big screen or dual screen, open up your common dialog box's and leave them available until you need them.
(2) Symbol display table now bigger.
(3) When inserting symbols it hangs around until you hit cancel. Also remembers last input.
(4) print and print preview, symbol rotation was not correct when sheet itself was rotated - now fixed.
(5) String change box - made longer.
(6) When copying and pasting strings - added Apply All if everything going to same folder. If hit cancel default folders are used.
(7) Can do Points - Select - Select all Arc center points.
(8) Routine to report on job point ranges. From Point menu.
(9) When altering points the change layer box is made bigger.
(10)When compressing point numbering, now includes a reverse check box and numbers are compressed from maximum number down.
(11) In layers dialog, there is now an option to remove all unused Layers.