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Monday, August 31, 2015

Ezigrade 2.7

Have made a number of changes.

  1. When deleting links the other fields in the job could get corrupted and you had to redefine all the sections.
  2. Trimble (.gps) file was being formed incorrectly for odd lengths eg 1.5m. Even lengths always worked.
  3. When importing gps files there is an option to thin the data if necessary.
  4. Menu items are more logical. 

CDS 2.7.02

CDS could go into an endless loop when displaying large jobs. It could happen if you already had windows "Task Manager" running at the same time. Task manager was restarting the drawing as it thought CDS had gone non-responsive. CDS now lets the OS know it is still in-fact running.

Thursday, August 13, 2015


Have added in the ability to export a 12d ascii file. If you are an existing 12D user (and are trained in there methodolgy) it can be cost effective to supplement your 12D licence by using CDS for extra licences and using it for general data pickup and processing. Pickup your data with CDS and send data to 12D using 12d ascii file.