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Tuesday, October 11, 2016


A number of routines have been added/modified to improve the workflow and to "Dummy" proof the software. Enhancements include:

  • Section axes. You can now left click to select. The Axes is drawn at a larger scale and a grip box is attached. If you left click within the grip box you can rotate the axis visually. You can still enter a value manually if required.
  • You can now left click with a section and the appropriate section is displayed along the left edge.
  • Menu layout has been changed to streamline the workflow. All reports are now under the Report menu.
  • Previously when creating a plane solution, you needed to set both min and max values in either/or X and Y directions. Now only need to set the minX/minY. Unneeded parameters are now greyed out.
  • Get section grades was not working correctly if axes rotated.
  • When creating hinged sections - hinge was not correct if Axis of both sections was not the same.
  • When doing "grading by grid" software now checks if the number of rows and columns is too large - which means large solution times and prompts user for a larger grid.
  • When creating Contours - the Escape key will stop the process if needed.
  • When removing section links etc, everything is cleaned up.


You can open up external data files directly:

From File - Open command then in the "Files of Type" drop down combo, you can search directly for a supported file.  If for example you have a AMW file called   job1.nez then you can open this file directly.

Ezigrade prompts you on any thing need to import it and a file called  job1.cdsdat is automatically created.

You can still use the File -Open and then the File - Import routines as previously.