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Tuesday, February 19, 2013


Minex pck file - setup which field is used seam or ply and whether description or code is put out.

First field header (normally Lithology) was cutting name off after 10 characters when displayed on the screen.

Monday, February 18, 2013


The display of design contours has been improved. To show them from the view menu - toggle the "Design Contours". They are automatically calculated and displayed.

Also if you now select a section node and drag it the Design Contours are automatically updated when you finish the move.

This is handy if you wish to do a design were you are trying to match contours along different sections.


Ezigrade now allows you to specify a link as common. This means Ezigrade will adjust the common sections to create two planes that match along the specified common edge. The process is as follows. The planes of best fit are calculated for both sections. Along the common line a common point is approximated at both ends of the line. This point is an average but pro-rata taking into account the respective areas. Each field is then hinged around the common line to correct for cut and fill.

The common link is shown in red. To set this first click on the link which is turned green. Now click on the  Fields - Link Attributes menu item (More options are to be added here). Link is now made common. To reset it select it again and rerun. It is toggled.

The design contours above show common contours.

Thursday, February 7, 2013


CDS now supports LandXML input from Leica total stations. In particular the survey component has been supported and a stadia file is created with CDS.