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Monday, December 23, 2013

CDS 2.5.3

When implementing string fills and hatches. Command was ignored if layer string was on was not upper case - fixed.

Monday, December 2, 2013


Interactive CDS jobs on your Android and Apple phone or tablet in the field. CDS now includes an option to create an HTML5 file of the job. This may sound underwhelming but in fact it allows you to do a myriad of operations in the field on all of your latest mobile devices such as Android mobile phones and tablets, Apple devices such as Ipad's and Ipaq's, as well as Blackberry and Windows RT etc.

From the file menu - Export HTML and copy the html file to your mobile device. Open up the file in your mobile web browser and view the job as well as query points, list points and do joins. This is an initial release and more features are coming; including interfacing to your devices GPS. This may entail a new device specific App.

A new web page will be created shortly that will give you more details on how to run on your device, including recommendations on accessing the data file via the cloud using Dropbox, Icloud etc.